Chicago Metal Roofing Done Better, Down to the Last Detail

When it comes to roofing your Chicago home, you have choices. Protecting your property, family and investment in your home requires that you make the best choices for a new roof of the right products, the right service, the right installation, and the right warranty.

  • You can choose metal roofing for its distinctive beauty and durability.
  • You can choose our great warranties.
  • You can choose our long-term protection and security.
  • You can choose a roof that significantly increases the value of your home.

You can choose Chicago Lifetime Metal Roofing and be assured that we will do things right. We’re in Chicago and from Chicago. And, we’ve been working with metal for 3 lifetimes.

It’s done exactly the way I want it, or it’s done again.Paul Mitoraj / Owner(the “j” is silent)

Our insistence on and experience in doing things better, without compromise, with the very best roofing materials available, make Chicago Lifetime Metal Roofing a lifetime partner in protecting your assets, down to the last detail.

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